November 30, 2011

nothing but something

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my 19th birthday

alhamdulillah allah still allow me to breathe the air, to move, to worship, and to live.
welcome to the 19th world rani, hopefully in this growing age I was given the ease in undergoing anything, anywhere, and anytime..

*thanks my lovely rifky for the birthday cake.. i love it.. you never forget about this thing every year..
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November 21, 2011

the man of my dream

I dreamed of the perfect man
Is someone who soothe the soul
Perfect man like him
Got all impeccably beautiful nature
Oriented imperfect man heaven
Soothing with a noble character
Perfect man like him
Being a guiding world and the hereafter
The man of my dreams

*lelaki sempurna's lyric by gita gutawa
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Make Your Own Bow

i love hello kitty, hello kitty is always wearing ribbon on her head, that is look so cute, i love hellokitty absolutely,so i also love ribbon, but actually it seems like lolita fashion, which wear ribbon/bow, polkadot, dress.. love it so much.
i have a creative soul , so i always wear ribbon which made by myself, so wonderful, i wear that cute ribbon on my head, to be brooch on my hijab.. i am the trendsetter in my campus who wear ribbon like this.
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November 13, 2011


"icihers with love"

aku nyobain yang level 7..
thanks a bunch buat kak ace ku yang uda kirimin kripik menyeramkan ini..
ampun ya, penyakitan mendadak..
bersin, batuk, pilek, nangiissssssssss (╥_╥)
tapi bikin nagih ! nyumm
penasaran deh ama yg level 10..
biar pingsan sekalian..

ini maicih emang serem banget ​(-﹏-)
buat ngejual ni makanan aja gentayangan dulu tu para jendral maicih..
kalo mau tau info lebih banyak n pengen tau keberadaan nih kripik..
follow aja di @infomaicih
biar makin tericih icih ..

see yaaaa
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happy iedul adha

pink dress mix with soft brown on the top
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