June 21, 2013

Kuta Raja Heritage Bike Path

The world today is very aggressively to protect the Earth from the threat of a very dangerous environment.
with cycling we also support this program, in addition to get a good health, is also beneficial for others.
some countries that have successfully implemented a custom bike are Amsterdam, Portland, and Copenhagen.

Our urban architectural design class trying to design facilities for cycling, that is the bike path.
bike path that we design is a bike path that can be used for cycling while enjoying the historic sites in the city of Banda Aceh. Banda aceh has so many heritages building around the downtown, so this planning to make the bike path is also to support the landmark of the city and to get many tourist to come to banda aceh.

so, Our track design refers to the design of the bike path in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the third rank of the great city with the bicycle.

Many things that must be considered in the design of the bike path, The types of paths based on road type, number of vehicles, type of bike, direction, distance and many more.
Design elements in designing a bike path should be appropriate and functioning properly. The design element are the border, marking, signs, and other focal points.

so, for more information you can go directly to the results of the design along with the report that we have made ..

there are some of our design

one way street

two way street