January 5, 2012

video tutorial

assalamualaikum :)
haloo haaii everyone..
wish me luck okay, because i have a final exam next week,
oh god, help meeh... ..
but right now, i wanna tell you something ..
you know hun, i' m planing to make a video tutorial ..
i cant wait to see it, because i never make a video before..
and to prepare it for you, i must chose a good place a nice
place a cute place a great place and an awesome place..
i do it just for you, *look, how kind i am.. hehe
maybe, i' ll make a good background.
what must i put in there heum?
i think, i need my creativity on it, i will make it special for
you, ciaelaaahhh... haaha
nooo... its not like you all think, yaa.. just put any pink stuff
and flower laa ..
still in my mind, but i'll make it as soon as possible ^_^

_with love_
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