February 20, 2017

Cut Raneey's Blog Diary Turning 7-year-old πŸ™Œ

First, I start my blog in 2010. That was the first year I enroll University life. There are no specific reasons why I made this blog, I also forget when the first time I made it (base on my first post, it was august 2010). I love to write anything, I poured whats on my mind here, I often blogwalking to read every post from people around the world and Re-change my layout blog..

My spirit and excitement to this blog not always On, haha.. Sometime, I got blogging blues, and I left this blog for a several month, and I come back again to write new post with 'haaaii, long timee no share everything heree, uhh..time flies so fast' hahaha

I feel so happy if my readers come and my reader data increase every day, oh I am glad to be inspired by everyone who read my blog posts and articles.

Overal, this blog posts contain many of 'curhatan of my life' hihi, it's got me a little embracement ( I dont know to say what i feel ) if I re-read my old post, and "Oh my, How come I ever like that in my past time..hihii, soo funny, but I like it..yah, thats me..this blog tell almost every best or bad moment on my life.

Time flies and here my 7 year-old blog with every pure thing inside..
I have graduated my bachelor, and now I plan to continuous my master. InsyaAllah.
I still love this little cuty-girly-childish-pinky blog..and I have no plan to move on to new blog when I start my master degree..but, yah, we will see..
Keep accompanying meee my lovely Blogspot 😘 i always love youu eventhough i often leave youu..hihi, i hope can write regularly yaaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Bye for now. .

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thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..