April 16, 2012

Becoming and announcer

Becoming an announcer? Heumm.. Really a good experience and good job to do, yah, I apply my cv to a radio in my town, and they accept me, waw.. I am on the top three of 38 applicants, its Awesome.. Really cant wait to speak up in front of the mic, mixer and computer, everybody can hear my voice, and you can request a track and I will play them for you, I can tell you every information, tips and talk show.. Oh waw cihuuuyyy....i am so glad you know...
The radios name is Nikoya 106 fm banda aceh real radio..
And it the one of the most popular radio in my town, I really proud of this..
I hope it can be some experience that will bring me to the big world of entertainment.. wuuw
Wait my next story about this yah buddy .
Wish me luck, and quick to finished the one month training..haha,( feel bored on training) sssht... Dont say it to the big boss.. Haha lol

Congratulations :) alhamdulillah ..
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