April 16, 2012

Your style.. your way

"Beauty is not about looking like everybody else but about being different from everybody else"

You can follow this quote, and I hope you will found the different of you, but we still have an idol, the motivation figure for us..

Be your self, because you wonderful the way you are..
event you like your friend sytle, you can follow her style..but in your own way..

I have many friends that always follow my style, easy example to wearing hijab.. I love to be me, and Im happy when I see my friend wearing hijab like me too and said ..

"I follow your hijab style, I looked at your blog, look i am beautiful like you rany "


" hey, how to use hijab like this, could you make some tutorial for me ? "


" how come you use like this rany, you are a deconstructive girl in the campus you know"


" rany, we invite you to our party, we will happy if you please to joint us, and there you can make some tutorial about how to wear hijab"

And many more and mooreee ....

I am happy having friends like them..
I love my style, and I am beauty in may way..

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  1. self confidence is a must!!! hope you can sustain it :)


thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..