September 3, 2015

Lazy day or lazy girl

I dont know why, i feel so lazy after my graduation day.. i just doing nothing all day, praying, eating, sleeping, chatting and miss him hehe
i have so many plan ahead, and what i really want is..i want to continous my study abroad, of course with scholarship. My dad always ask about my progress to achieve the 600 score itp toefl, but..i'm too comfort with this situation, situation when i wake up and there is no deadline that make me feel stress..haha
my husband to be ever said that ' kalo sukanya guling-guling a.k.a leyeh-leyeh, yaa sampe nanti juga bakal guling-gulingan terus kerjaannya'.. and after he said that, i feel jleb and nyess haha.. OMG!! thats so true..
annnnddd.....the fact, i still sitting and laying on my lovely bed everyday without learn any toefl..
So soorryy about my lazzineesss. . .
BUT, promise me..i will eat all the toefl book in this september, yeay.. Hope it will done well hihi

welcome september, good bye lazy girl

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