May 28, 2017

Tomato and Yoghurt Musk

Have a good Sunday everyone :)
oh i really miss my free Sunday without going to work. Since I have been working in Metro TV, I just free one day in a week. 
So, today is my free day..
Being a reporter, I have to go find a news, in sunny, rainny day, even in the night..

and because of this, I little bit dont care, um exactly dont have time to treat my body and face :( I miss my bright skin so much..

Finaaalyy, today !!! I spare my free time to treat my face..

I made Tomato and Yoghurt Musk :)

So, this musk can help our dry skin.. it bring our skin more gentle, and pore become smaller.

What you need is !!

1. Fresh Tomato
2. Yoghurt
3. Warm and cool water

How to make Tomato and Yoghurt Musk?

Step 1 : Blend Tomato until its texture become smooth
Step 2 : Put One table spoon of Yoghurt to the tomato
Step 3 : Blend both of it
Step 4 : Reaady....Put it on your clean face. 

Cut the tomato two slice , and put it on your face.

Let them on your face for 15 minutes..

After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water and follow with cool water to close your pore become smaller.
Dry it with clean and smooth towel..


Lets try it :)

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