January 1, 2011

2011 resolutions

Happy New Year
happy new year,, new year is identical with all things new, new life, new date,, new moon,  new air , new regulations , new department,and many things .......... 
if we clay, there's also a new epidemic that make all kinds of planing, resolution, wish list, and whatever,, well I was also one of those people who like it .. hihi,,

 my wishlist on 2011 
jeenggg ... jeeeennnggggggg ..................

1. sewing machine 

I wish I could buy this stuff, cuz I like making crafts,  *FYI when I was junior high school, i'm majoring  fashion n culinary.

2. high heels 
High heels may be a norm things, but atm, something that is purchased from my own money that wonderful,, 
high heel is also very useful for me,, every fashion show or event , it really important for me, not only as footwear, but also for the confidence booster: D

3. a cute bags
 bags huh,, yes all equipment must be in the bag,, besides I like collecting accessories, 
is also one ..

4. iphone 
wuuuuuu ....... really want itttt ...... but,when?

5. fluent English
 always delayed, but I really wanna get a toefl score above 500,, aminnn ,,,,,

6. DSLR cameras
 I like photography,, this is one of my dream,, not only became a model, but also the photographer, but until now i dont have skill for capturing an object,, huhu ..sadness; '(

7. my melody 
a pink rabbit character, has long ears that always wore a ribbon, from the past, I'm happy to collect many things about melody .. but now, I wanna big my melody  ..... huuu

8. good in sketches
 ^ ^ majoring in architecture, if cant sketch,,that would be complicated .. hopefully I can go deeper this to become an architect in the future, amin

9.  out of town 
My destination is pekan baru, riau, well my homeland ..

10. part.time job
 wauw ... be a model ?

11. learn to cook
 its easy or ? ..

12. present
 I like presents, gifts, prize, hopefully someone would be kind enough to give me a surprise .. amin

13. car
 mimpi deh -_-"

14. car's course n get a SIM
 actually i've been able to drive, but just wait for my courage .. hehe

15. get scholarship
 This is the greatest desire .. I want to get a scholarship for my education .. definitely makes papa and mama feel happy,, i hope i can get a full scholarship :) amin

ll keep trying to make all I want is reached .. 2011 should be better year than the year before .. maybe in the past, I still have'nt given a chance, but I hope this year there is a positive change in my life,, ya allah,, only you who knows ..... help me to realize my dream:) 

love you allah

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