September 12, 2011

binder decoration

°\(´▽`)/° °\(´▽`)/°
just make it more cute and eyecathing, Hi‎​нiнiiiнiнiii
honestly, thats my old binder.. and i feel my binder is sooo sexy, also my friends are always complain about it..
so yahh..
look my idea .. sooo wonderfull ~(˘▽˘~)(~˘▽˘)~

to make it you just need
scissors, wax, ruller, matches, waxglue, n ofcourse binder..Hi‎​нiнiii

oke .. lets try it at your home. .

•°°• °·♥·♡ ΐch lΐέβe ϑïcћ ♥·♡·° •°°•

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