September 2, 2011

say hate to (`▽´)-σ ..

for me, envious or jealous person is legally permissible, glad to see the difficult and hard to see people happy, but to be honest I dont like people who like this !

a feat can be achieved by struggle and hard work..
so if you feel, you dont pass it, why should you envy?
or maybe you already have the same thing?

why are you still jealous dude?

alright, let me tell you..
a good person or your best friend would never speak ill behind you..
she will give the best compliment to you and for every achievement that you gain. and Ignore those who talk bad behind you, because they're the fools who spend time thinking about you

but, look people today !!
most of them are very satirical each other !!!
how poor you are. . . . .
so many people like this around me (" `з´ )_,/*(>_<'!)
hafufft. . .

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1 comment:

  1. one said that jealousy or envious (in bad way) means having a small soul. big soul personality will learn how to be the same or even better without wishing the others get worse.
    but its ok, dont care too much, because bad jealousy will limit creativity and it means less competition for us :)


thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..