May 11, 2011

gurl need !!

i saw all of the girl is always looking about fashion,, that is about clothing, beauty, n all ..

what of the girl need? 

i hav been made a survey all my friend That really give attentions about this thing, and the result is Same .. 

all the girl need is not so far from her face and personality, 
 just for example,when she Want to go out with her friend for hangout or go to school, 

every girl is always look at the mirror for make-up! 

okai, there are things That you (girl) must have for the make-up .. 

1. makeup sponge 
soft texture, is used to flatten the Fondation in the face 

2. powder brush 

Choose a large size, with fine fur. This brush serves to prevent clot powder or blush onyour face. use by way of sweeping the entire face to remove the remnants of make-up.

3. Blush brush
Smaller size of the powder brush. Use for applying blush-on. applying blush on there are tricks and tips for the type and face shape to look more perfect appearance.

4. Eyeshadow brush
eye shadow brush is various forms. Made of feather fluff. You can use it to apply eyeshadow.

5. Brush your eyebrows and eyelashes
This one tool has 2 uses. comb made of plastic on one side allows you to brush youreyelashes mascara to avoid clumps. While the other side has a synthetic fur coat you can use to shape eyebrows.

6 . Eyelash curler
this is one that must really I have. how the clips cause eye lashes look more alive andradiant.

7. lipstick brush
Use a brush to apply lipstick on your lips. and small, fluffy texture and tapered tip.

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