May 26, 2011

olala , i dont like pooh !!

yesterday accidentally met the pooh at the show ..
so I asked for a photo together

hi hi

look at my pose !! noo noo , thats not Koreans style !!but, the meaning of my fingers is 
"two children better" .. hihi ,as i am a collegian ambassador that must know about demography n adolescent !!

cool !! 
i'm more expressive than the ugly pooh !! ha ha , 
absolutely , i don't like pooh , pooh is had nothing about girly girl like me , who really love pink n all random cuteness thing !! such as HELLO KITTY and MY MELODY !!!
i love that pinks figure very much ..but, i love hello kitty more than melody,plus its so difficult to find my melody in my place..
so, i have a lotta things about this cute cat who dont have a mouth .. hihi 
maybe i will post about that thing as soon as possible ..

and now, i wanna hunt all the pinks stuff !! especially my cute hello kitty :*
cherriioooooooo :D

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