July 4, 2011

daily menu for this week

~ stay at home like angora cat
~ check the date
~ open n close the magic book
~ refill my pink pencil
~ style in front of the mirror
~ check my social network
~ back to my magic book
~ counting, memorizing, understanding
~ looking my life n death card
~ turn off my ac
~ grumbling
~ check the infotainment
~ rolling on my bed
~ back to my magic book agaaainn
~ hug my kitty doll
~ sleep --"
~ wake up at midnight
~ pray

. . Ups, where's my eat n bath time? Wkwk

Happy hooolidaaay :D
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1 comment:

  1. mendingan sayee laaaa, soalnya sayee tak mungkin lupa eat time wkwkwk


thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..