July 5, 2011

story today

Okey, let me tell you my story today,,
Not bad day, just shock day! !
I went to ***** to print out my file, just a piece of paper..
I chose the place because its not too far from my campus, i have never been there before. .
remember guys, just a piece of paper. .
So, when i pay . . she gimme my paper. .
And when i asked how much all?
She answer : IDR 5.000 only :), *she said with a smile
Oh god! (haloo this area of campus dude)
And FYI, i just bring IDR 10.000 in my purse ! !!!!
Huh, im not willing to pay slightly, its for the first and the last time i come here, not anymoooore!!!
I was grumbling all the way! !
Elsewhere if we print a piece of paper, only took IDR 100 --", and free if in my house. .

Err,, Whatever! !
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  1. bisa ngeprinta gratis ni drumahnya km ! bwahahah

  2. wkwkw, kasian deh rani


thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..