July 12, 2011

charming Queen

okay, i dony know want to do at this time and i found one applications to editing our photos in my android market, so yah, you see what i've done? hahaha
maybe its a poor picture, but for me, its wonderfull, hahah
many photos in one pict :o, i never though that to edit photos is very easy gals :D

i think, my cheek look more chubby? isn't it?

rainbow..bow..not bow mean ribbon at this pict, heum? flowers?

 ribbon everywhere :D

look this one, its the one and only photos that very dificult to made, we must patience to crop one by one photos to make a love frame like that, gggrrrr...

hahaha, "konyol", right ?
look at the glasses

actually, i love pink, i love ribbon, i love anything cute like me,haha

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  1. gmna cara edit foto seperti itu?
    like this sooooooo much


thanks for the comment, happy reading raneeyQueen's blog ..