November 15, 2016

Body Mist, Warm Vanilla Sugar - Bath and Body Works

Welcome my new fragrance!!
Ulaaaa Laaa......
I have been looking about new scent for one week while my White musk body mist from The Body Shop running out little by little. I did a mini research about body mist, there were three different products, such as..
1. The body shop (Repurchase my last scent)
Honestly, i wanna repurchase it, cuz i love the smell so much and i feel comfortable with the smell, i use this body mist since January until November, so i spent just one bottle for about 11 month..Whoaw..So economical right? but in fact, i use it lavishly. as we know, Body mist is not durable in our body, and i used to spritz it again after 2 hours to make my body fresh.
But, because i wanna try new fragrance with new smell, then i choose to find other brand..
*I still love u White Musk*

2. Victoria Secret
Soo Curious about this brand soo much. it's a famous brand which every girl want!!
VS product have many smell in variety, such as fruit and floral. the smell is very nice, same with the price which a lil bit pricey..i will try it later, cz i dont like fruit smell in my fragrance. And the last,

3. Bath and Body Works.
Finally i choose to buy Body Mist from Bath and Body Work. I interest with Warm Vanilla Sugar and Pink Chiffon which is the Best Seller of BBW Product.
I found the Online shop that sell this Original brand with a low price ( maybe, the owner bought many product from the counter, thats why she get a discount and can sell it with cheap price). Well, The Online Shop name is ( ). You can find it on Shopee application on android play store.
Before i order, i asked the owner to give me some advice, which one should i choose of both variants. And she told me that both variants is best seller, but prefer Warm Vanilla Sugar. Many reviews about vanilla sugar say this smell is nice...then, i choose it..
syalalalalaaa~ 3 days later..
I am so happy when this package arrive savely to my house.

Product Detail :

Warm Vanilla Sugar, Bath and Body Works
The price is Idr 170.000.- 40% discount!!
Counter price Idr 260.000.-
size : 236 ml
Produk Original from USA
Smells good!! I give it **** 4 Stars!!
umm.. The bottle made of plastic, so it will save from broken out or crack!! The shape is like a tube, nice and handy to hold!! Share to a small bottle if you wanna bring it to your bag or for traveling ;)
Anyway, When i spritz it, the first feeling is elegant smell!! warm, calm and little fresh.. The smell not make us dizzy..soo comfy with this!! Because this is a body mist, so you need to spritz it again after 3 hours to maintain the smell on our body..

Overall!! This Body Mist iss.....

Hope this review will help you to choose your new fragrance :D

bubye :*

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