November 17, 2016

Do it, Love it, Get it !!!

As we know the proverb " Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang" is very common around us. Many people tend to say this when he meeting with new people.
In my opinion, that is true!! Yup..why?well, i will explain it to you in the next paragraph.
I reflect it to my recent activity. Yaa..i am learning IELTS for preparing my master.
when we look at one question and we do not understand what is the answer..maybe we need to know more about that, like i said..tak kenal maka tak sayang. Thats why now, i have big passion to i want to know much, i want to know everything about english language. Until i love it and i can answer with pleasure heart everything about it..
So, if you want to get something, please take a good focus on what you want to will come true. Amin..

I have one sentence that also reflect about what i am doing right now..
"Ala bisa karena biasa" is totally true..for example, i try to drive manual car, in the first time, i get so many trouble with how to manage copling, gas, and rem..the car is often turn off when in slow gas or in traffic light..hihi, but, i need to drive it!!! by day, i slowly know the tricks to drive manual car, and now..i feel yeaahh!!! I can do this easyly..Alhamdulillah..
Gals, we need to confident to ourselves. do every positive thing to support your dream. You can do it if you often to practice it and repeat it. if you already know about new thing you never know before, say Alhamdulillah..i think, you start to love it..hehe
Keep ikhtiar for our dream gals. .

see you on top !!

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