November 16, 2016

REVIEW - Wardah Exclusive Lip Cream 03

Hi beauty lover.. Let me Introduce my daily lipstick for now.

Well, I am using Matte Lip Cream from Wardah. The 03 Nude shade with a little impression of pink.
I know this product from Beauty blogger and wardah ambassadors on Instagram. I really curious to buy this lipcream, i search it in wardah counter and cosmetics store, and unfortunately, there are out of stock, just red shade left!! pity i am..i dont like the red shade, cz it looks so mature on me.
I waited for this lipcream for 2 Month until i got this in August 2016. Horray!!!

Okey, i fall in love with this since the first sight!!! When i saw the shape!! the shape just look like Colourpop lipstik. so elegant, look like expensive product, and so easy to apply. This lipcream made by transparent plastic and grey light on the top.. slightly look like a glass and metal.
When i apply it to my lip, it feel a little heavy..i dont know why, i didnt search for it, cz not make any big problem for me.the result on my lip is so beautiful. My thin lips look more thick and sexy..hehe, The texture of our lips is also more visible when we use this lipcream.
The size is pouchable, we can bring it every where we go, with no worry of broken and spill out.
The deficiency of this lips is make me annoye if exposed to's like i wanna remove it.
How about the price? Yup!! Its cheap lipcream with a good quality. You can buy it for more or less idr 55.000.-

Well, Overall !!

I like it, i addict to use it !!!! and i wont go out before i use this Wardah Matte Lip Cream ...

Thank youuuu~

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